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Research confirms that children in foster care have the poorest educational outcomes of any other peer group.  Exposure to abuse and neglect, as well as frequent school changes make foster children vulnerable to learning and emotional disabilities.  Foster children face far more educational challenges than their peers, and are far less likely to graduate high school, and even less likely to enter college.  You can help change the trajectory of a foster child's life.

The SAGE program, "Special Advocates for a Greater Education" is a collaboration between the Children's Rights Society and the Dispute Resolution Center of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster Counties.  SAGE advocates meet with their assigned child (children) once per week and help with organizing assignments, speaking to teachers, making sure homework is done, helping with homework or arranging tutors when necessary.  The SAGE advocate will also attend parent-teacher conferences, speak with guidance counselors and attend the child's school events.  You'll recommend appropriate extracurricular activities that will strengthen the child's engagement in school and community.  Additionally, teenagers in foster care need help focusing on college readiness or transition to vocational training.

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Volunteer to Help a Child in Foster Care Be More Successful in School